Paintings of the people, by the people, for the people.

I was recently at a yard sale and came across a large collection of original artworks all created by the same man, Art Huffman. His widow had been storing them in the garden shed since her late husbands’ passing.

In talking to his widow, I learned that Mr. Huffman was not a trained artist and had only sold his artworks at a few local street fairs over the years. On the reverse of many of the canvases, he had provided a title and his own thoughts on the meanings behind his art.

I regret never having met Art, as I believe I would have enjoyed talking to him.

“U got Personality – B”

Bizarre though it may be, the ego uses opinions to suppress the real and to bloat itself.

This part of the mind that is fictitious is adopting pseudo personalities and feigning fiber. Oh, Robin Goodfellow!

“Suddenly, I had a taste for Chardonnay and nothing else seemed to matter”

“Straw Man we need pawns”

“Pookah And A Hookah”

It is the ego that desires prizes and immortality. It wants to “Go on and on and on”. “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.” “Everlasting bliss in paradise.”

These glutinous ideas cause a lameness, till one opens themselves to the inevitability of now, no matter how anomalous it may be. As in dreamless sleep to end the ego slips into the abyss of nevermore and never-was. To this also your heart of hearts has no rebuttal.

“Unit Not I”


I don’t have an image to uphold. My sense of self worth vaporized into the universe. It had no defense against such conjured up fantasies.


“What am I”

A friend asked his Mother, “Weren’t you ever interested in self-improvement?” “Sure,” she said, “But then you came along and there was the laundry to do.”

So time runs out and dreams of castles in the air end up in the garbage. No pot of gold! No present or reward await you at journey’s end!

So reason, “What am I?” by knowing that you are not your body, mind, personality or these thoughts.

“A House Divided Cannot Stand”

“And Then I, Me Me Me”