Paintings of the people, by the people, for the people.

Tales from The Trash VI was held on September 10th 2016 at Scratch Shack in Tucson AZ. We exhibited 366 original works of art, all found in thrift stores, yard sales, swap meets, Estate Sales and of course, in the trash. It was our biggest show to date, with a long line of anxious Art Lovers waiting to get in before we opened the doors.

A line of Art Lovers

We fed the waiting crowd with a custom-made cake to keep them happy while they waited, which seemed to work.

TFT Cake

Over the course of the next few hours more than 250 people came, saw, laughed, cried, and bought many of the works of Art on display. We created an actual pile of Trash, complete with TV’s playing movies mixed in with original paintings and 100% genuine actual Trash. We had our first ‘Name The Painting’ contest, with people writing their best titles on the wall. We also had our first ‘Adults Only’ section, discreetly hidden behind a curtain, where the truly rude pictures hung. It was very popular.

The Pile Of Trash

Scratch Shack 9/10/16
Contemplating Art

Scratch Shack 9/10/16
Co-Curator Steve Purdy And Friend

Fun For All Ages

‘Name this Painting’ Wall

Happy Diane with ‘Roadkill’

Co-Curator Mark Bloom

Laura & Maggie, Merch Wenches

Luchadore Stephen Boughton

Crowded With Art Lovers

Bary Judd, Artist

Contemplating ‘The Baby’


A 30 second walk-Through of the show before the doors opened.

Mark & Steve would like to thank everyone who helped us put on the show: Colin and Katum for working so hard, Maggie and Laura for Wenching so professionally, Stephen, Miranda and Cole for writing things down, Julius for photographing, Arlene for welcoming so nicely, Tucson Bake Shop for delicious cake, Catfish Keith and Al Perry for Musical Accompaniment and to everyone who came out to show their Love for Art. Even if some of it is awful.